The prosthetists working at Roberts Orthotics and Prosthetics measure, design, fabricate, fit, and service custom prosthesis as prescribed by the patient's licensed physician. We take the utmost pride and care in creating our prosthetic devices to meet the ability demands of our patients' active lives. Through the strict certification and education standards of our allied health professionals, we produce the best custom prosthetic devices based upon clinical assessment and patient criteria, along with the physician's prescription.


Improving your quality of life and living without limits are our major goal for our clients at Roberts Orthotics & Prosthetics. Finding the right prosthetic device to fit your lifestyle starts with listening to your needs. When fitting a lower prosthetic for a complete leg, knee or foot, we take the time to work with our clients one-on-one, to insure a proper fit. At Roberts you are more than just a number.