The orthotists working at Roberts Orthotics and Prosthetics measure, design, fabricate, fit, and service custom orthotics as prescribed by the patients licensed physician. We take the utmost pride and care in creating our orthotics devices to meet the ability demands of our patients' active lives. Through the strict certification and education standards of our allied health professionals, we produce the best custom orthotic devices based upon clinical assessment and patient criteria along with the physician's prescription. In certain cases off the shelf orthotics are used or modified to match the patients demands.


Exacting measurements are taken by Orthotists at Roberts Orthotics and Prosthetics when fitting a customer with a lower orthotic device. Casting of the client’s limb to get that one of a kind custom fit may also be necessary. We take pride in fitting the right orthotic based upon clinical assessment, patient's lifestyle and physician’s prescription.


Custom orthotics are prescribed by a patients physician. We take pride in manufacturing only the highest quality devices using the latest in light weight materials. Carbon fiber graphite and titanium are just two of the products used to produce a custom orthotic to fit a client’s active lifestyle.

Custom Orthotics